Why this?

Confessions of a Corporate Mom: Managing Motherhood, Maniacs and Marriage

This blog – or whatever you want to call it – almost never was. Then #metoo happened, and I realized that I already let one man shut down my desire to engage women working in the corporate environment, those who choose to stay-at-home, those who have no choice, or those who work in other industries that are not of the corporate structure and, I knew that now is the time.  Three years ago I didn’t have the guts or the energy to fight to do something that I knew would bring about a wider breadth and depth to the topics and issues we as women face every day in the workplace.  I’m older, wiser, (even more) tired because we decided having a third child was somehow a super bright idea, and more driven and empowered to do this – to be this voice for women, for my tribe.

I am a working Mom in a corporate environment. I have three children and a fantastically awesome husband who I sitll enjoy staring at, and we work every day to make this crazy, hectic and sometimes unachievable life we’ve dreamt for ourselves work.  Some days it does and others we fail miserably.  And I’m okay with all of it.

The purpose of all of this is to be able to share – to gain perspective and to provide myself (and others) with a theraputic outlet for the craziness that sometimes seemingly engulfs my life making it hard to keep up and has me wondering if I am the only one who feels this way.

I’m not.

So, this is for all the women I know who fight like hell to balance it all and stay as sane as possible in the interim because in our own way we all manage something or someone…mine just happens to be motherhood, maniacs and marriage.

-Confessions of a Corporate Mom

Email me at confessionsofacorporatemom@gmail.com to share your working Mom stories, your motherhood stories, your being a woman stories.  I want to hear them all.  This isn’t just for us working mothers – but all of us women – since we can all learn from each others’ experiences and insights.

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