Managing Motherhood Series

Merry Christmas, folks!

Family is everything and the humans that fill my home are my world. ❤️ It’s been years since we’ve done a Christmas card and I’ve accepted that right now in this season of our life – it’s just not important and quite honestly, more stress than I want to incorporate into my holiday. But here’s…

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Joyfully, Jude

It was around Christmastime in 2015 that we agreed we were going to try for a third child, a decision that was the result of a conversation during one of the most tumultuous times in our lives and marriage. We had just moved to Brentwood, TN right outside of Nashville and our home wasn’t even…

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At the beginning of the pandemic, I was diligent at making water a part of my daily routine. With no work travel, the need to stop and pee every 32 minutes was removed and the bathroom closest to our home office was mere steps away from our desks. My husband and I were working out…

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On March 25th my mom celebrated a milestone – turning 70. In honor of this and the fact that Mother’s Day is tomorrow, I wanted to share our recent discussion around her journey of motherhood during her last visit to South Florida to spend time with me and my family. My Mom and I are…

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Managing Motherhood Series: Guest Blog Pieces

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