Meet Maria

Do you love being a working Mom? Maria Smith does. Is it always wine and roses? Nope.

A former Miss Kentucky and Kentucky Derby Queen, she’s just trying to make it from one day to the next while finding a sincere and defining purpose for her life. And a way to positively impact other working Moms who might enjoy their careers as well yet also struggle finding that elusive ‘balance’ everyone always speaks of like it’s actually achievable.

She has three kids and has been married to coolest person she knows since 2005, who happens to be a Corporate Dad!

She’s worked for four major corporations over the past 15 years and has met so many women, and Moms, many of whom she now calls friends.  Every time she meets and gets to know a working Mom, the same struggles, issues and feelings about those issues arise when talking about the work environment and the day-to-day, of being both Mommy and full-time employee.

Maria has always worked in a male dominated industry, which says more about our society than it does the corporations where she has been employed and is currently today.

The purpose of all of this is for he to be able to share – to provide herself – and you – perspective and create a therapeutic outlet to let out the craziness that sometimes seemingly engulfs her life. The craziness that sometimes makes it hard to keep up and has her wondering if she is the only one who feels this way.

She’s not.

So this is a space for all the women she knows (and doesn’t yet) who fight like hell to balance it all and stay as sane as possible in the interim because in our own way – we all manage something or someone…hers just happen to be motherhood, maniacs and marriage.

Welcome to…Confessions of a Corporate Mom

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