Managing Motherhood

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When I started this blog – I was at a point in my career journey where I was dealing with a lot of challenges and difficult moments, moments I’d never experienced before. Ultimately they laid the path for this blog to become a reality, and writing about my journey of being a mom in the corporate environment helped me to get through those tough times, coming out so much stronger on the other side than I ever imagined. Now, I enjoy exploring the subtopics of what it was I was wanting to ‘confess’ about from the inception; motherhood, maniacs and marriage.

We all manage something – or someone. Whether that is a team of people in a corporate or work setting or whether it is a family team where you’re shuffling kids to and from school to activities. We all manage. Motherhood is one of those aspects as a woman, and a working woman, that I am grateful to be able to manage. So that’s why I am passionate about diving into the journeys of motherhood that bring us together but that also help us learn something new about each other – to grow from our shared or differing experiences.

When I was on the verge of getting fired for something that was never fully explained – I didn’t have help in navigating it. Sure, I had the incredible and constant support of my loving husband but even he, at times, just couldn’t relate to what I was going through. I remember telling myself that if there was ever an opportunity for me to support another woman through a time in her life when she didn’t feel like she had the resources, the courage or the answers to help her through it – then I would do my damndest to be there for her. But more than that, I wanted to create a space where all mothers could find support and unity as they moved along the seasons of their motherhood journey whether they were the tougher and stickier moments or the joyous and growth-filled ones.

Supporting other women, especially working moms, became a huge motivation of mine.

I’ve had the honor and privilege of meeting and working with some incredible moms. From co-workers to childhood friends who’ve become mothers to the moms I’ve met through my children’s friends and my Instagram working moms community – learning about their journey to motherhood has fascinated, intrigued and inspired me to tell their story. It is in sharing that we learn and grow, develop an open mind and better understand that each of our paths, while unique because they are ours…are actually not too unalike. It is also how we help each other; by providing grace where it is needed, acknowledgment of struggles or pain, joy and happiness and validation for all of the feelings in between. Over the course of this series I have been honored, and continue to be honored, to share with you stories from some amazing women who have allowed me to give their motherhood journey another voice.

Managing Motherhood: the series

We all have a journey. We all have a story to tell. Our experiences in this life make us who we are. They define us; how and what we feel, the thoughts and opinions that form our actions, passions and drive – and they shape our views and perceptions of the world in which we live. Every mother I’ve ever met has experienced a different – yet similar – motherhood journey. And it’s in those precious intricacies that differ from our own stories and journey that make us all so unique.

Celebrating the in-between moments of our motherhood is my joy. Join me each week – and look back at the 13 incredible mamas who have lent their voice through their writing and trusted me to share their story. From finding motherhood identity to starting a business during a pandemic, to postpartum depression and crushing goals like a boss – the stories these mamas have shared are life-giving. Not only that, they’re necessary. This community of working women and moms are building the framework for how our daughters will approach their own journeys one day. How they navigate the tougher moments and cherish the great ones is all in how transparent we make it for them. It’s also providing a lens through which our sons will view their wives and partners in marriage and the workplace. We’re creating the roadmap, the how-to guide on managing this crazy beautiful life of motherhood.

Managing Motherhood drops just about every Monday right here on the blog and it is also shared on all of my social media platforms: Instagram, FB and LinkedIn. Sign up with your email and be notified as soon as a piece is published ☺️ If you are interested in contributing your story to the series – I would love to, and would be honored to, share your journey.

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~ Maria

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