The Corporate Mom Life

Maria Smith (L) and Emily Siegel (R) of The Corporate Mom Life Podcast

Do you love your career AND love being a mom? Do you feel like you’re rocking all things career and motherhood one day, and the next completely failing at all of it? You’re not alone.

On a cold but sunny February afternoon in Waco, Texas – at none other than the mecca of all things home decor and curated life, Magnolia – I finally got to hug the woman who I’ve been collaborating with for the past several months on our podcast, The Corporate Mom Life.

We had both been dreaming up a space like this for years but hadn’t quite pulled the trigger. She had been doing a ton of research and background prep to get a podcast of her own up and off the ground – and I had been working on this blog. Here’s the thing – we both were dreaming of creating a space for working Moms to celebrate their love for their careers and confess/commiserate their inner-guilt, struggles, frustrations and fears they have internalized while being a working mom in a society that says they support us but totally misses the mark in truly catching us when we fall.

When I think about what we know this space can be – it gives me the crazy feel good chills. I’ve worked in the corporate environment for almost 15 years and I’ve been a mom for almost 13. I’ve never wanted to be anything other than a working mom. It’s what has made me the happiest and continues to make me fulfilled.

Workingmakes me a better Mom.

So when we began discussing what this podcast could look like, we realized we were not alone in this feeling. At all. We each know so many working moms who just need to feel heard and understood; to know that while they may feel like they’re barely keeping it together and holding on by a thread – so is almost every other working mom out there. And we’re just so busy trying to hunker down and get stuff done for our families and our careers – that we don’t have the time to think, “maybe there are other moms who are struggling like me?”

There are! We’re two of them – and that is why we have built this platform and space for all the working Mamas out there.

Yes, we come at this from a corporate angle because that’s what we are – two corporate moms crushing our nine-to-five, or attempting to, while also showing up for our families in both big and small ways. We share our experiences, the ups and downs, navigating working motherhood while also being grateful for the opportunities and career moments we’ve been provided. We explore some of the grittier topics as well like, mom-guilt, equal pay, negotiating and advocating for yourself in the workplace, flexibility and traveling for work – as well as other Mom-related issues we face daily.

Our goal for this space is to unite – in solidarity – all of the working moms we know and love who are out there trying to make it from one day to the next; who appreciate and love their careers and who wouldn’t have it any other way, but who also just want to know they’re not alone.

You’re not. We hear you. And this is the place for you.

We’d love for you to check out The Corporate Mom Life Pod on iTunes or wherever you podcast! You can also follow us on social media at the following: @thecorporatemomlifepod on IG and on FB at The Corporate Mom Life. You can follow my co-host, Emily @thecorporatemomlife on IG and you can find me, Maria, @confessions_of_a_corporate_mom on Instagram, on FB at, Maria Smith – Confessions of a Corporate Mom and of course, here on this blog.

We hope you’ll join us each week as we discuss topics relevant to ALL working Moms. Listen as we interview guests who bring a wealth of knowledge to the topics we’ve specifically chosen based on what we feel Moms out there crave the content for and would like to know more about, as well as share stories of our corporate journey so far.

So, tune in every Monday as a new episode drops – Episodes 1-3 are already up so you’ve got some catching up to do!

Confessions of a Corporate Mom

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