This is…38


Today, January 8th, is my Birthday.

Until the past couple of years, I’d never enjoyed celebrating my Birthday. It was just another day to me…one I didn’t really want to acknowledge – and not necessarily because I was getting older, which now is most definitely the case.

But, no. As much as I put myself out there, out here on this blog or on social media like FB and Instagram…I’m not an attention seeker. Attention focused on me makes me very uncomfortable. So while I do love Birthday wishes – they also make me a little uncomfortable but I’m learning to embrace them, the older I get. I’m an introvert at true heart; a homebody, a super tight and small circle of friends kind of gal and a stand in the background and let others have their moment type of person.

Yet I’m a performer. Always have been. I know, seems contradictory, right? My personality: fun-loving, talkative and a genuinely happy disposition is often misunderstood for being someone who likes to be the center of attention. But that’s quite the opposite – especially in my every day life. Give me a stage and a song to sing – and I’ll perform the hell out of it. But get me in a conversation I’m expected to carry and I’ll usually just end up word vomiting all over you and it’ll be super awkward. I’m working on that. 😂

3-8 though. Thirty-eight years of life on this Earth…that’s something pretty incredible to celebrate. And while I still don’t like the attention, I have to admit I’m super grateful that I’ve lived a wonderful life so far. I’ve managed to cultivate and create a space in this world that I’m both happy with and proud of; to accomplish goals and achieve success in many aspects of both my personal and professional life.

And yet I want so. much. more.

I dream of more for my life and the life I’ve built with my amazing little family. I thirst for it because I know my capabilities. I know what my purpose is and I know where I want to end up. It’s still hard to put those dreams and those desires out there for public consumption – no matter how small that human circle of people would be to consume these pieces of information, it’s not something I do completely willingly and without pause.

But the only way to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and truly reach our full potential is to be vulnerable – and face the fear that’s holding us back. With this being a New Year as well as another year of life for me – I felt empowered and inclined to share 38 goals, hopes, dreams and experiences I want to do or accomplish this next year in my life that reflect my word for the year, Intentional. I want to look back on the doorstep of 39 and smile BIG knowing I crushed what I set out to achieve and am well on my way to going after my future dreams that span beyond this year of life.

Thirty-eight intentions for 38 years of life…

1.) Continue to keep my physical health a priority.

2.) Continue to focus on my mental health and well-being

3.) Read at least 1 book a month

4.) Be intentional about the people and relationships I maintain and build this year.

5.) Travel for pleasure 1x a month

6.) Find a church home here in South Florida

7.) Launch our podcast and continue building it

8.) Be intentional around my alcoholic beverage consumption

9.) Spend more quality time with my children

10.) No shopping for me for 1 year (1/1-12/31)

11.) Run a 10K

12.) Do one kind thing for my husband every month that’s beyond what I normally would do

13.) Ski a Green well

14.) Finally learn Spanish

15.) Intentionally pray more

16.) Laugh even more than I already do

17.) Start every morning with, Good Morning, Lord!

18.) Call 1 person each week that means a lot to me to check in with them.

19.) Celebrate my handsome husband’s 40th! (I’m the party planner)

20.) Blog monthly

21.) Start the outline for my book

22.) Attend a Global Women’s Leadership Summit/Conference

23.) Maintain my status on Delta 😬

24.) Volunteer with an organization I’ve never worked with before

25.) Sing more and create 2 opportunities to perform

26.) Continue the intentional practice of daily gratitude via my Start Today journals

27.) Visit Germany, Austria and Czech Republic

28.) Explore Maine on our family vacation

29.) Work towards getting back to our RSM Leadership team

30.) Celebrate 15 Years of Marriage ❤️

31.) Support another woman on their personal development journey

32.) Support another woman on their professional journey

33.) Be a better sister

34.) Make more time for my Mom (in person)

35.) Help plan a successful 20-year HS class reunion

36.) Get involved in politics again – and VOTE!

37.) Expand my knowledge of my industry

38.) Celebrate the hell out of 38!

Cheers to a New Year and another year of life, well-lived! It’s gonna be a fantastic ride.

– Confessions of a Corporate Mom

4 thoughts on “This is…38

  1. Thank you for this wonderful look into your life! After reading this I have decided to make goals for my year too!! I turned 40😱 and I like you want to crush out more goals!!! Happy Birthday Maria💋

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